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Odd Characters Solo in Theater C in Brits Off Broadway

Sometimes a small provocation can turn into a deadly, roiling mess.

In “Bunny,” in repertory in Theater C at 59E59 Theaters as part of Brits Off Broadway through November 20th, it takes almost nothing for things to deteriorate.

Katie (Rosie Wyatt), a vindictive, insecure eighteen year old, goes along for the ride as her boyfriend Abe, goaded by his mates Asif and Jake, look for revenge on the kid who knocked an ice cream out of Abe’s hand.

Rosie Wyatt in “Bunny” Photo © Joel Fildes

The one woman play is a stunning success for Rosie Wyatt as she narrates the tale, alternatively shrinking with embarrasment or bold as brass.

As Katie, Wyatt rambles on, describing the three men, her sexual history. She relates the desperation of Luton, the town in which she lives, her father’s ambitions for her. She mimics the exchange between Asif and Abe about the incident that started the chase. It becomes clear, as her stories unfold in “Bunny” that she, like Asif, exacts a measure of vengeance for even the slightest slight.

Rosie Wyatt in “Bunny” Photo © Joel Fildes

Katie understands the rage that seethes in Asif as he eggs Abe on.

Rosie Wyatt, the 2010 nominee for Britain’s Spotlight Prize for this role, ably carries this odd character study of an odd character. Her ability to hold our attention is a tribute to her talents, as ultimately Jack Thorne’s “Bunny” goes nowhere; like purposeless anger, it revs itself up and then fizzles.

“Shadow Boxing” is a another solo show about an odd and angry character.

Jonny Colis-Scrull as Flynn in “ShadowBoxing.” Photo © Anthony Janusewski

“Shadow Boxing,” is in repertory with “Bunny,” and also in Theater C at 59E59 Theaters through November 20th.

Flynn (Jonny Colis-Scrull) is looking to avoid his father’s legacy of mediocrity. Like his dad, Errol Sebastian Flynn, he’s a boxer. Unlike his dad, he’s got a shot at a title match. Also unlike his dad, he hides a secret that may unravel his promising career.

Colis-Scrull’s Flynn is brusque, and charismatic. Playwright James Gaddas’ “Shadow Boxing” is a compelling drama about a man looking for gentleness and kindness in the unlikely and unyielding environment of a boxing ring.

Jonny Colis-Scrull as Flynn in “ShadowBoxing.” Photo © Anthony Janusewski

For more information and schedules for “Bunny” and “Shadow Boxing,” go to

Brits off Broadway, curated by 59E59 Theaters, is a festival in its eighth season, running through January 1st. For more information about the festival, visit


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