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"The Door" Slams

Two men are sitting in an anteroom as a door bangs incessantly.

The story they unwind in Tony Earnshaw’s “The Door,” part of Brits Off Broadway at 59E59 Theaters running through December 11th, seesaws in search of the truth.

Tom Cobley and Chris Westgate in “The Door” by Tony Earnshaw. Photo by Tony Earnshaw

“The whole system collapses if you don’t obey orders,” Boyd tells Ryan. Ryan’s answer is “The whole system is pointless if you do.” What appears to be random disagreement over politics, tabloids news, and the existence of God, turns out to be very personal.

Ryan (Chris Westgate) and Boyd (Tom Cobley) are waiting to justify an incident that happened during their service in Iraq.

The tension between the two men is punctuated by the explosively slamming door. “Drives you round the loddy bend, doesn’t it. Round the bloody bend,”
is a refrain that gets passed from hand to hand as the noise unnerves each man in turn.

Tom Cobley and Chris Westgate in Tony Earnshaw ‘s“The Door.”. Photo by Tony Earnshaw

The taut fifty minutes play, under Anna Adams able directions, goes from Beckettian absurdity to a surprising animated ending.

For more information on Brits Off Broadway and a schedule of performances for “The Door,” visit


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