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Stay Awake while "One Thousand Blinks" experiments with "micro sleep"

How much more could you accomplish if you didn’t sleep?

A truly dedicated worker might be as productive as Morgan (Mark Cajigao) whose Sisyphesian task it is to translate a book on an unfamiliar subject in a language he does not know.

In “One Thousand Blinks,” at 59E59 Theaters through January 29th, an odd scientist named Dr. Luk (Rachel Cornish) imposes an experiment in “Micro Sleep” on an unwitting Morgan.

Mark Cajigao as Morgan and Rachel Cornish as Dr. Luk in “One Thousand Blinks” Photo © Sara Brown

Hired in a far away land to teach a class that is indefinitely postponed, Morgan is instead offered the opportunity to make a lot more money working non-stop in a tiny room. The money is tempting as is the idea of hard work. You see, Morgan feels like a slacker for having his girlfriend, Jenny (Estelle Bajou), support him.

Mark Cajigao as Morgan and Estelle Bajou as Jenny in “One Thousand Blinks” Photo © Sara Brown

Jenny has sleep issues of her own, it turns out, mostly in the form of nightmares that are exploited by her ex-boyfriend, Bram (Drew Hirshfield). Unlike Morgan, Bram is successful and accomplished.

“One Thousand Blinks” is an engaging and spooky undertaking. Playwright Nick Starr keeps the suspense and mystery without letting strangeness become the point.

Mark Cajigao is endearing as Morgan struggling to be diligent. Rachel Cornish is serenely funny as her robotic Dr. Luk calmly terrorizes the hapless Morgan. Drew Hirshfield’s Bram is smarmy and oily, and Estelle Bajou portrays Jenny as a fierce victim.

Estelle Bajou as Jenny and Drew Hirshfield as Bram in “One Thousand Blinks” Photo © Sara Brown

With a cast dedicated to making everything appear normal, “One Thousand Blinks” triumphs as a highly askew romantic comedy.

For a schedule and tickets for “One Thousand Blinks” by Nick Starr, directed by Melinda Sorci in theNest production at 59E59 Theaters, visit


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