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The Best of Edinburgh brings us "LEO"

Can something be both claustrophobic and celebratory?

A man, a hat, and a suitcase shown live in a very small box-like room on stage and again on a screen so that the effect is a split set, are the makings of “LEO,” created by Circle of Eleven based on an idea and performed by Tobias Wegner.

“LEO,” is the wordless theater piece The Carol Tambor Theatrical Foundation presents at the Clurman on Theatre Row through February 5th, as The Best of Edinburgh.

Tobias Wegner performs in “LEO,” created by Circle of Eleven Photo © Heiko Kalmbach

“LEO” offers a riff on Fred Astaire, Houdini and Laurel and Hardy.

On the screen, the lounging character, is standing against a wall in his tiny room. In “LEO” the hero, whether upright or supine, literally climbs the walls, uses strength and agility to adapt to his surroundings, and ingenuity to ultimately escape.

Tobias Wegner performs in “LEO,” created by Circle of Eleven Photo © Andy Phillipson / livewireimage

The concept– by Wegner–, design– set and lighting by Flavia Hevia and video by Heiko Kalmbach– are cleverly executed with whimsy and wit.

“LEO” relies on the diverse cultural sensibility for Sinatra tunes and cartoons for its humor and charm. If it were a tad shorter it would be perfect.

Photo © Andy Phillipson / livewireimage

See a video of “LEO” at

Photo © Heiko Kalmbach

For a schedule of performances, please visit


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