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Love Gone Drastically Awry in "Tender Napalm"

Explosive love affairs sometimes turn into even more explosive marriages.

In “Tender Napalm,” at 59E59 Theaters through September 9th, man and wife take turns abusing each other. Bombast and bragging rights are frank and fertile ground for the ugly wreckage of their marriage.

Ameila Workman and Blake Ellis in Philip Ridley’s “Tender Napalm”

They are embittered by the tragedy that has torn what love there may have been between them asunder. Their fighting and feuding goes well beyond the standard in its bile and brutality.

“Tender Napalm” is not an easy drama to watch or listen to, with its vituperations and imaginings. You don’t want to get caught in the crossfire between Amelia Workman’s and Blake Ellis’s angry characters. Their exchanges are toxically foul-mouthed, even in an era of shameless liguistic free-for-all.

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