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Seeing the future in "In The Summer Pavilion"

Photo by Gerry Goodstein: Ryan Barry in Paul David Young’s “In The Summer Pavilion” at 59E59 Theaters.

The future lies before you like a summer sky when you’re fresh out of college. There are endless possibilities for you and your closest friends.

In “In The Summer Pavilion,” at 59E59 Theaters through November 3rd, those endless possibilities play out as alternate realities. 

Photo by Gerry Goodstein: Meena Dimian and Rachel Mewbron in Paul David Young’s “In The Summer Pavilion.”

Ben (Ryan Barry), Clarissa (Rachel Mewbron) and Nabile (Meena Dimian), friends just graduated from Princeton, come together like a sexy stew as “In The Summer Pavilion” begins their journey.

“Mr. Premonition here thinks he can see the future,” Nabile says. Ben is wary. “You two, you’re dangerous,” he tells them.  Nabile answers him a little cryptically, “Take off your mask of sorrow and let the comedy play.”  

Barry Ryan as Ben, Rachel Mewbron as Clarissa, and Meena Dimian as Nabile in “In The Summer Pavilion.” Photo by  Gerry Goodstein.

In each scenario, Ben, Clarissa and Nabile pair off differently, as the play unfolds going forward seven years. There is a promise, unkept, of secrets being revealed. “A night full of adventure. Doors opening. Desires fulfilled. Secrets revealed,” Nabile says. Alas, they are not, but several likely outcomes are. “Do you sometimes have the feeling that we’ve been here before?”  

Paul David Young’s play is rich in imagery; it teases with snippets of poetic philosophizing, and offers a satisfying amount of adventure.     

“No, be a jerk. Say the uncomfortable thing. I’m ready for it now.” Ben says. “I am young/ Unripened hope.”

“In The Summer Pavilion” is an intriguing work. The acting under Kathy Gail MacGowan’s direction is charming and natural. Everything– sexuality, career paths, partners– is up for grabs. All of it is an a wild ride. We should probably take Nabile’ s advice and get out the Ouija board.

Bonus points for having the playwright, Paul David Young, in the audience. Young adapted  and 
directed his screenplay for  “In The Summer Pavilion,” which is due to be released in 2013.

For more information about  “In The Summer Pavilion,” visit


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One thought on “Seeing the future in "In The Summer Pavilion"

  1. Dear Tamara and Burt, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you a heads-up on Paul David Young’s promising new play ‘Kentucky Cantata’. You reviewed his ‘In The Summer Pavilion’ very favorably. I was hoping you’d come to see Paul’s latest work.

    The press night for ‘Kentucky Cantata’ is Saturday, Jan 24, 7pm, the play will run until Feb 8 at HERE Arts Center 145 6th Avenue, Tues to Sat at 7pm and Sun at 2pm.

    In ‘Kentucky Cantata’ actors and musicians share the stage to tell the story of a young actress who leaves her rural Kentucky home for New York, where she is raped in a parking lot. The story crosses pressing issues of our time: violence against women, race, and issues of immigration.

    The run-throughs have been really powerful and I think the play deserves to be seen. We would be very appreciative if you come to review the show.

    If you need any other information or the press release or press tickets, please contact me at

    All my best and hope to see you at the theater!

    Heidi Riegler


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