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A Broadway "First Date"

The cast of “First Date,” which opened at the Longacre on August 8, in a photo by Chris Owyoung.

There is no doubt a need for “a guide to what not to do, when you meet someone new.” No, those lyrics are not in Broadway’s “First Date,” currently at the Longacre Theatre in an open run. They are mine, inspired as it were by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, music and lyrics, and Austin Winsberg, book, as it were.

The composers and lyricists have done a nice if generic job tweaking genres with a little bit of pop, a touch of rock, a pinch of rap, and, since this is a romance, a ballad or two.

Krysta Rodriguez as Casey and Zachary Levi as Aaron. Photo by Joan Marcus.

In “First Date,” by which the auteurs really mean “blind date,” Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) offers Aaron (Zachary Levi) some useful pointers on what not to do in this situation. Aaron and Casey are meant to be the opposites that attract, and we’re rooting for them.

Casey relives her “Bad Boy” past: Kristoffer Cusick, Krysta Rodriguez, and Bryce Ryness in “First Date.”
Photo by Joan Marcus 

But, “First Date” is more of sketch than a full-blown musical. Even as a skit, it quickly goes from a cute parody of a blind date, to one that has overstayed its welcome.

Like the preparation involved in looking just right for a “First Date,” there was a lot of work and talent lavished on this minimalist production. Just as not every “First Date,” blossoms into a long-term love connection, so it is with this one. What begins as an amusing riff on the horrors of the blind date, turns into a tedious “First Date.”

In fact, “First Date” seems to miss by thirds– it’s a third too long to be witty, and the third iteration of the “Bailout Song’ is just one too many to be funny.

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