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Paul Taylor’s Ever Lively Dance

In posters and on billboards for each of their Spring seasons, PTDC flies off the page. In person, the they do a similar trick.

Francisco Graciano and Michael Apuzzo in Paul Taylor’s “Gossamer Gallants,”
once more on the program on March 29th at 2pm.
Photo by Tom  Caravaglia.

Paul Taylor Dance Company always seems to be in motion, just off and above the stage. Theirs is an energetic force. PTDC is always propelling through air.

The momentum is intellectual as well as physical. A Paul Taylor dance is well-thought out and intelligent.
Taylor, in fact, is a man of many parts– an author with a nice sense of humor, a dance maker with a great sense of humor, irony, and a vision all his own.

There are 8 performances left to the PTDC Lincoln Center Spring at this writing, and we urge you to catch at least one of our favorites: tonight at 7pm, “Mercuric Tidings” and “Sunset” are on the bill with “Fibers” and “Troillus and Cressida (reduced).” On Wednesday, March 26th, go see “A Field of Grass.” Friday, March 28th at 8pm brings a chance to see the new “American Dreamer,” and Saturday at 2pm, “Marathon Cadenzas” premieres again; these are numbers 139 and 140 in the Paul Taylor oeuvre. “Piazzolla Caldera” is  on the final program for this season on Sunday, March 30th at 6pm.

You can purchase tickets and view the schedule here and follow PTDC on FB.

Paul Taylor’s most recent book are the essays in “Facts and Fancies” published in 2013.



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