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Apologies, that’s really awkward! But for the dance enthusiast, there is much to anticipate. There is a dance season beginning here in NYC, although this is New York and there is always a dance season here.

From Paul Taylor's Aureole. (c) Paul B. Goode
From Paul Taylor’s Aureole. (c) Paul B. Goode

Paul Taylor’s spring season begins on March 11th at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. Paul Taylor may be one of the most prolific American dance-makers. His 141st choreographed piece, Sea Lark, premiered in Des Moines in November. At 84, he is still making dances which are poetry for the body. His company, recently re-named Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, is athletic, agile and graceful. Along with the New York premier of Sea Lark and another new work yet to be named, the reliably exhilarating company will offer Company B, a personal favorite created in 1991, the stately Arden Court (1962) and the elegant Esplanade (1975)– just to name a few beloved pieces from the Taylor oeuvre.

Photo: Eduardo Patino, NYC
Photo: Eduardo Patino, NYC

Also starting in March (in this case from the 17th through the 22nd), Ailey II, the Alvin Ailey company of young dancers, known for their abundant energy and vigorous interpretation of dances by dance creators that include Jennifer Archibald, Dwight Rhoden, Katarzyna Skarpetowska, and Troy Powell, Ailey II’s Artistic Director. will be at the Joyce. They are performing a two-program repertory featuring works from established and emerging choreographers. Alvin Ailey was an inspiration and his legacy lives on in the companies that bear his name. His masterworks, most famously Revelations which is the crown jewel of the main company’s holiday performance schedule, are frequently performed but not on this Ailey II repertory.

For The Paul Taylor American Modern Dance spring schedule, please go to, where you may purchase tickets for the run.

To learn more about Ailey II performances at the Joyce,  please visit


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