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As I am from that neck of the woods, this item caught my eye. Perhaps it will interest you as well– Origin Theatre Company presents “Re-Building the Balkans,” a two day mini festival on contemporary Balkan culture on February 7-9, in conjunction with the NYPL for the Performing Arts.

"AtlBalklang" by Spiridon MANOLIU - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“AtlBalklang” by Spiridon MANOLIU – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

“Re-Building” represents a spectrum of works that address issues of reclaiming a country after war has ravaged it. Among the offerings is a reading of the play “Control,” by Croatian playwright Marjan Alcevki (Saturday February 7 at 1:30pm), about a psychological experiment gone awry at a Zagreb university. Alcevki’s play was a 2012 finalist for the BBC International Radio Award.

Also on the weekend’s program is a screening of “Mothers” by the Oscar-nominated director from Macedonia, Milcho Manchevski (Monday February 9 at 6pm), which captures the heartbreaking state of contemporary Macedonia through the eyes of several mothers. Manchevski’s “Before the Rain” won the Golden Lion at Venice as well as earning a best foreign film Oscar nomination. Manchevski takes part in a Q&A following the screening.

Origin Theatre Company, the only New York company devoted to bringing fresh perspectives and new theatre voices from across Europe to local audiences, has specially curated this program. The region’s history of strife and conflict has made, as Matthew Torney, Origin’s director of programming, sees it a “hugely fertile environment for artists.”

The panel discussion on Saturday February 7 at 3pm, examines the pressures of making art in the complex environment of Southeastern Europe.  Led by Professor Larry Wolff, the Silver Professor of History and the director of the Department of European and Mediterranean Studies at NYU, the panel includes Tea Alagic (a theater director and writer from Bosnia), and Aisling Reidy (the senior legal advisor for Human Rights Watch, and a former prosecuting attorney at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia).

For more information on the events in “Re-Building the Balkans,” visit

To learn more about Origin Theatre Company, please click here:


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