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First time outside of Asia/China: “The Legend Of Mulan” Hong Kong Dance Company

This intrigued me from the minute I saw the notice of the upcoming dance event. It should have a similar affect on you as well.

A scene from "The Legend of Mulan"
A scene from “The Legend of Mulan” which will be at the David H. Koch Theater from March 5th to 8th.

Here’s why this event should capture your interest as it has ours:

"The Legend of Mulan" will be at the David H. Koch Theater from March  5th through 8th only.
“The Legend of Mulan” will be at the David H. Koch Theater from March 5th through 8th only.

-It’s not just because it’s a once in a lifetime, first time ever opportunity to see this troupe outside of Asia/China.
-It isn’t only that the Hong Kong Dance Company is exotic and foreign.
-True, it is a rare occasion when the Hong Kong Dance Company appears in New York.
-Also, true that they will only be here for 5 performances.

The most intriguing part of this presentation, however, is the simple but unfamiliar tale of love, peace and virtue they perform. The Legend Of Mulan is a re-telling of a famous Chinese household folktale.
It will be spectacular, of course, and resplendent.
The Legend Of Mulan is presented by The China Arts & Entertainment Group (CAEG), a creative enterprise under the administration of the Ministry of Culture for the People’s Republic of China. The engagement is the fourth production in an ongoing relationship between CAEG and the David H. Koch Theater. The Legend of Mulan, like the other productions that came to the states, showcase China’s historical contribution to the world of theater and art. It represents the finest in Chinese contemporary and classical performing arts.
You may have heard her name from the hit animated Disney movie released in 1998, but Mulan’s legend dates back to a fifth century poem known as the Ballad of Mulan.
Mulan, a peasant girl, disguised herself as a man to join the army in place of her aged father. She fought for a decade with valor, but gave up a position at court to retire in her hometown instead. Mulan exemplifies traditional Chinese virtues and both moral courage and intelligence. In China, the story of Mulan rose in popularity as a folktale and became widely taught in schools.
The creative staff of the production of The Legend Of Mulan includes: Director & Choreographer – Yang Yuntao, Playwright – Gerard C C Tsang, Assistant Choreographer – Xie Yin, Music Director and Composer – Matthew Ma, Set Designer – Yuen Hon-wai, Costume Designer – Karin Chiu, Lighting Designer – Yeung Tsz-yan, Digital Image Designer – John Wong, and Lyricist – Chris Shum.
Since its inception, the Hong Kong Dance Company has staged over 100 productions, many of which have had wide critical acclaim.

For more information and tickets for The Legend Of Mulan, please visit


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