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“A Radical Change”

I went to church on Sunday. Those who know me even slightly may wonder why.

 If I were in want of saving, I believe that Pastor Paul (Andrew Garman) would be the man to lead me there.

Lucas Hnath’s thought-provoking new play, The Christians, at Playwrights Horizons through October 25th, is about religious teaching and faith. When Paul preaches “a radical change,” Hnath never states the obvious. Paul’s charisma as a pastor is rivalled by his associate pastor, Joshua (Larry Powell) whose views differ from Paul’s. There is always more than a touch of the unexpected: in Paul’s sermon to his mega-flock, and in his elders’, represented by Jay (Philip Kerr,) response to him, as well as in the way Paul’s wife Elizabeth (Linda Powell) reacts.

Emily Donahoe as a congregant named Jenny delivers her confusion over the new direction in which Pastor Paul is leading his flock in a brilliantly simple scene with equally brilliant simplicity.

In fact, the ensemble, under Les Waters’ direction, meet the challenges of Hnath’s intelligent play with superbly intelligent performances.

The Christians is flawless.

For more information about The Christians, please visit PH’s website.

Note: as this is the first play of the 2015-16 season, you can still get a subscription for the year.


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