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Under the little tent

It’s not all fun and games. The circus is a frenetic entertainment. In the 3-ring variety, it can be overwhelming and overstimulating.

It goes without saying that a one-ringer would be more manageable and more sensible.*

Today, the Big Apple Circus raises its tent at Damrosch Park in anticipation of the October 21st opening.

© maike schulz/Big Apple Circus
© maike schulz/Big Apple Circus

(Big Apple Circus, a one-ring spectacle, returns to Lincoln Center with a premiere set in the 1920s, from October 21st to January 10th.For the October 28th and 29th at 11am, there are specially adapted performances for those with vision or hearing impairments to enjoy The Grand Tour at Lincoln Center: Big Apple Circus presents Circus of the Senses: *On November 17th at 11am, Big Apple Circus invites families with members who are in the autism spectrum to a special performance. )

HalloweenBigAppleCircusOn October 31st at 4:30pm, children are invited to don their costumes and join guest ringmaster, R.L. Stine for a special Halloween performance.


For an opinionated woman such as I, blogging is an excellent outlet. This is one of many fori that I use to bloviate. Enjoy! Comment on my commentary.

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