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Hey, what’s goin’ on?

Here’s a very partial answer from the city where theater hardly ever sleeps:

Abyss, running from November 7th through December 6th, kicks off The Play Company’s (PlayCo), 15th anniversary season at Theaterlab; Abyss, a poetic thriller with connections to the former Yugoslavia, directed by Maria Mileaf, marks the U.S. debut of the award-winning German playwright Maria Milisavljevic.

In Abyss, a young woman named Karla has been missing from her Berlin apartment since Monday. I, She, and He, three of Karla’s closest friends, frustrated by the indifference of the local police, launch a search of their own.

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From November 5th through the 21st, the Award-Winning Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) presents the world premiere production of Cheryl L. Davis’s Carefully Taught, directed by Pat Golden in limited engagement at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.

Esther Chen and Latoya Edwards in Carefully Taught



Carefully Taught centers on the friendship of two schoolteachers–one black and one white. Their bond is shaken when one loses her job, and questions of loyalty and unspoken prejudice rise to the surface, forcing us to examine our perceptions of race.

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November 19th, at Theatre Row, for the United Solo Theatre Festival, Dublin-based actor-comedienne Suzanna Geraghty is returning to New York for an unprecedented second encore of her Audience Choice Award winner Auditions, Zoe’s Auditions, about the trials and tributions of the endearing underdog Zoe.

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Is it Valentine’s already? Dating: Adults Embracing Failure, written and performed by Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner and directed by Andy Eninger, from November 19-21 at UNDER St. Marks is about discovering how to make it work.

Every relationship fails or perhaps it doesn’t. The trick is finding out which one will succeed. Dating: Adults Embracing Failure has a hilarious and thoughtful answer, showcasing eight eclectic couples as they discover if they have the right chemistry,  with one unexpected couple emerging intact through it all.

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At the Brick in Brooklyn, experience the world premiere of the New Georges production of How To Get Into Buildings by Trish Harnetiaux as part of The Brick’s Resident Artist program, from December 3rd through 19th. Katherine Brook directs this exploded view of love, in which confusion reigns, time shifts, amateurs are experts, and brunch can be fatal.

Harnetiaux used the structure of the type of illustration or diagram used in manuals (for lawnmowers, bicycles, computers) that shows an object’s parts apart from the whole, but in positions that indicate their relationship to it. In How to Get Into Buildings, Roger and Lucy meet in a convention hall, Daphne and Nick fall apart at a diner, their stories intertwine as the play swirls around you, illustrating alternating views of love and heartbreak.

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