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Takin’ a big bite

New York City got its own little BIG TOP,  when its circus performer founders decided to teach the skills they had honed over the years. From school to single-tent, in the European style, Big Apple Circus has set up its tent at Lincoln Center each holiday season since 1977.

Dominguez's take flight
Dominguez’s take flight

Your kids won’t care about any of that. They’ll be awed by the action in front of them. They’ll giggle as Skip (Brent McBeth) gets Mr. Joel (Joel Jeske, who wrote The Grand Tour and also creates and directs clown material for the troupe) soaked  and admire the Energy Trio acrobats as they stand on their hands.

2_BG21379You too will marvel at the talent on display in the new Big Apple Circus: The Grand Tour. Going in, a patron worried at missing the trapeze act, and then watched slack-jawed as Jayson and Eric Dominguez worked the Wheel of Wonder. Audible gasps were heard all around as the two men balanced and jumped on high, in two moving rings.

BREAKING NEWS: Jim Gaffigan is Guest Ringmaster on November 21st. In fact, look for a rotating cast of Guest R.M.s in the tour, and special events like the circus adapted for family members with autism program on November 17th.


Chiara Anastisini works the hula hoop like no one else
Chiara Anastisini works the hula hoop like no one else

Jenny Vidbel and Emily McGuire work a dog act (and the ponies, too) with an impressive bunch of canines. Alexander Koblikov, as a slightly askew sailor, juggles as many as 9 balls into his hat and behind his back. The Ringmaster (John Kennedy Kane) orchestrates The Grand Tour in a booming voice.

1._GU25447Much of what is on display could be billed as a vaudeville show. The Big Apple Circus Band, led by Red Slowik, is energetic and tuneful.

Sergey Akimov
Sergey Akimov

Enjoy this home-grown holiday tradition, running through January 10th at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park.

To learn more about the Big Apple Circus, or to get tickets, please see

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