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It’s the Year of the Monkey

Not just any monkey, but the Red Fire Monkey, the most aggressive and ambitious of the Monkeys celebrated in the Chinese zodiac.

There are several events in New York leading us up to the Chinese New Year’s celebration of the 4713th.

2Dragon Boat Racing, playing a strictly limited run the David H. Koch Theater from January 7-10, 2016, is a presentation of the Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble.  The Ensemble is brought to the United States by The China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), founded in 2004, and the first large state-owned cultural enterprise in China. CAEG has undertaken thousands of governmental cultural exchange projects and staged commercial performances and arts exhibitions both at home and abroad. Its many productions world-wide have attracted audiences of 10 million people annually.
7The  Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble is a state-owned unit directly under the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province, and the successor of the former South China Art Troupe formed in July 1949. In its six+ decades, the Ensemble has nurtured and witnessed the success of many Chinese artistic virtuosos, and promoted cultural exchange between China and other countries around the world.
21Dragon Boat Racing is colorful with scenic design by Qin Liyun and Ma Jun, lighting design by Liu Fengshu and Qin Nianfeng, and costume design by Yang Donglin. The cast includes Li Xing (He Liunian), Li Yanchao (Xu Chunling), Sun Ran (He Shaoyan), Wang Minrui (Pan Hongying), Qi Qi (Xu Chunling’s father), Li Chaoyi (Japanese General), and an ensemble of 38 dancers.
Visit to learn more about the performances of Dragon Boat Racing at the Koch. For a tour schedule, visit the site.
unnamed (1)On January 31st, the New Jersey-based Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company presents an all-new celebration of Chinese culture.  Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College  once again partners with Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company for its third annual Lunar New Year Celebration, this year commemorating the Year of the Monkey, a year characterized by cleverness, curiosity, and playful mischief.
unnamedAlong with its own original choreography to live musical accompaniment by the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York, the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company will be joined by two international artists from Beijing, sponsored by the Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, performing a special excerpt from Monkey King in the Heavenly Palace, one of the most celebrated Peking Opera productions in China.

For more information and tickets for the Lunar New Year Celebration visit


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