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“An American in Paris” is a ballet lovers show

An American In Paris is definitely a ballet-lovers/ballet-goers musical. Don’t shortchange yourself, however. If you enjoy the musical theater, or are a fan of Gene Kelly (as …Paris star-dancer Robert Fairchild has said he is) or like the film, you will also like the musical.

As a bit of self-congratulations, and an aside, we’ve seen Fairchild this season in both Slaughter On Tenth Avenue and Who Cares? at the New York City Ballet, between his committments to the Broadway musical.

Breaker/breaker: Fairchild commented on Twitter today that he is leaving …Paris to return to @nycballet in 5 weeks. The show is scheduled to go on through July 3rd.

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If it weren’t for Gene Kelly, Robert Fairchild told Dance Magazine, he would never have become a dancer. Thank you Gene Kelly! Your “American” surely inspired the one on the stage at the Palace in an open run.

3548That said, An American In Paris,A New Musical,  is an entertainment onto itself. Director-Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon has created dance numbers that shine. Craig Lucas has  devised a book based on the movie, but with its own point of view.

3546Jerry Mulligan, a Lieutenant in the US Army (Fairchild) misses his transport home from Paris. He wanders around, following a girl (Lise Dassin, played by the lovely Leanne Cope) he has spotted and lands in a bar where Adam Hochberg (Brandon Uranowitz,) a fellow American ex-pat welcomes him. Adam is helping his friend, Henri Baurel (Max von Essen) rehearse a nightclub act.

WartornParisThe setting is Paris just after the war, giving Bob Crowley…

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