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Keeping it legit

The theater is an all-encompassing experience. It creates great truths within a world of artifice. Theater is a fake that revelas the world as it is to us.

In theater, we see life as it is, as it should be, as we would like it to be. There is aspiration, expectation and instruction.

CC BY 2.0,
CC BY 2.0,

Theater teaches us who we are and who we ought to be. It exposes our foibles, shows off our wisdom. and demonstrates our humanity. It introduces us to the new and reintroduces us to the traditional and sometimes forgotten. Theater constructs and deconstructs. It fires and frees the imagination.

Theater is life writ large enough to play to the rear balcony. For those to whom it speaks, it is a siren call. It shouts and whispers.

Theater requires an audience. Or at least, it prefers to play to one. For best results, it must be witnessed. It mimics the everyday, imagines the unusual and unexpected.

AllDressedUpA little bit about Tamara (& Burt) Beck, theater goers:

In just 5 (short) years of reviewing theater and dance, we’ve covered hundreds of performances. As advocates for theater, we are seldom completely impartial, but we try to find the best in everything we see. There’s always a kernal of an idea, a soupcon of a concept that is praise-worthy.

We review for, for TandBOnTheAisle, and sometimes on our other sites where Observations and opinions abound. Occassionally, you’ll find a theater related piece at the SidewalkSuperBlog.



For an opinionated woman such as I, blogging is an excellent outlet. This is one of many fori that I use to bloviate. Enjoy! Comment on my commentary.

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