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The Prodigy

Today we saw Her Requiem at LCT3 and we’re so wowed, that for once I am speechless.
Just go ahead and see it if you can! Her Requiem is, at least in part, about the intersection of family interests and public notoriety.

(Our anticipation of this production is at

Greg Pierce, author of Slowgirl, which also played the LCT3 Claire Tow, (and a slew of other works produced around the country) wrote this commissioned new play, which opened in LC’s blackbox upstairs, beginning February 6th, playing through March 20th.

Like Slowgirl, Pierce’s Her Requiem is an arresting drama, starring Peter Friedman, Mare Winningham, Joyce Van Patten, Kelly McQuail, Naian Gonzalez Norvind, and Robbie Collier Sublett and directed by Kate Whoriskey and sets by Derek McLane.

Looking at what is private; what is incorruptible; and what belongs to the world may depend on a personal point of view, and Her Reqiuem explores these issues. Pierce has an intricate dramatic sense. He weaves a story with an intriguing and special rhythm.

Tickets at just $30 in a house that holds just 112 people go fast.

To learn more about LCT3, please visit our Sidewalksuperblog.



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