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From the “Bandstand”

Just a few background facts, folks, in support of this terrific “New American Musical:”

New kids on the block 

5025Veteran musicians Rob Taylor and Richard Oberacker, the playwrighting team that brings us Bandstand pen their first big Broadway show with this production. They have written many other works, but as Mr. Oberacker puts it “you’ve never heard a thing about.” Mr. Taylor says he’s delighted to be a new Broadway “face” after years working in the pits all over town.

Showing respect

It’s not surprising that veterans appreciate how their experience are represented in this musical. The veterans in Bandstand come back to a world that wants it to be “Just Like It Was Before.” They have to fight to get a fair shake, even as civilians pay lipservice in thanking them for their service.

Bandstand has partnered with the veterans’ group, Got Your 6 in this production.

In the first round

Bandstand, at least from our perspective, looks like it should win the big prizes at this year’s Tony Awards® Before the May 2nd announcements, however, it has received great notices but nominations only for Laura Osnes and for Andy Blankenbuehler’s lovely choreography. Oberacker’s music and his and Taylor’s book also got the nod. Corey Cott did not get the nod as best actor in a musical. Likewise, Beth Leavel did not get the recognition we feel she deserves. The record for number of Tony wins by a musical is in the hands of The Producers, with Hamilton a mere 2 behind. We really expected Bandstand to meet or beat the record of 13. The very talented Corey Cott got no recognition at all this awards season, and we are bummed.

Reality check

Bandstand has not received the Tony recognition we feel it deserves. Not by a long-shot.

VP3With only 2 nominations, Bandstand, The New American Musical is greatly undervalued. Congratulations to director Andy Blankenbuehler, nominated for his choreography, and to the orchestraters Bill Elliott and Greg Anthony Rassen for their well-deserved Tony nods.

We suggest you go and Bandstand see for yourself.

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