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Mourning The Pearl

08. Pearl_Vanity Fair(c)Russ Rowland
(Back: L-R) Brad Heberlee, Debargo Sanyal, Tom O’Keefe (Front: L-R) Zachary Fine, Kate Hamill. Photo (c) Russ Rowland. From the last production at the Pearl Theatre: Vanity Fair

It is not easy being a theater company, least of all in a city so very full of performance groups.

You might think that having so much theater around us would make it easier to sustain a company like The Pearl, but sadly that is not true.

The Pearl survived after losing its home at 80 St. Mark’s Place nearly a decade ago. It found space at City Center’s Stage II for a while and landed a neat space when the Signature moved down the block.

This 160-seat space on far west 42nd Street would be its last home.

Thank you to The Pearl Theatre Company for providing 33 seasons of interesting, memorable and well-thought out productions. You will be missed.

Vanity Fair was the last production, and A Taste of Honey, Public Enemy, were just a few of those earlier. (Reviewed under links.)




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