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Where for art thou?

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Logo from Temple of the Souls

Forbidden love, star-crossed love, these are timeless stories and often go under the rubric Romeo & Juliet. The Shakespeare tragedy, itself derived from an older tale, has spawned many modern adaptations and imitations. The musical West Side Story, set in New York where the feuding Montagues and Capulets are replaced by rival gangs, is famously based on the Bard’s play.

Temple of the Souls, a new musical with book by Anita Velez-Mitchell (and story), Lorca Peress and Anika Paris, and music and lyrics by Anika Paris and Dean Landon, at the NYMF in July,  uses time travel to depict the history of Puerto Rico, a country whose people are descendents of an indigenous Indian nation mixed with the occupying Spaniards. It is also about star-crossed lovers, a young Taino man (Andres Quintero) and the daughter (Noellia Hernandez) of a Conquistador (Danny Bolero.)

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