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A tribute

adollshousevia Daily Prompt: Homage

Admiration can lead an artist, author, filmmaker or playwright to the ultimate act of adulation, imitation.

When something is written in the style of, it is most often considered an homage.

Over the last many New York theater seasons, Chekhov and Ibsen have each been given their due by a variety of writers and adapters.

I tribute this meme to

The latter was reimagined in the most imaginary way possible by Lucas Hnath in his A Doll’s House, Part 2, currently extended, with a mostly new cast, through January 7, 2018 on Broadway at the Golden. A Doll’s House, Part 2 is a totally original new work, but it draws its characters and their plight from the Ibsen masterwork.

Picking up a theme from a favorite writer and taking it in a different, new, or challenging direction is the ultimate tribute.

Elsewhere there are other tributes being paid as well….

For instance, in March 2018, Paul Taylor American Modern Dance will honor the legacy of Isadora Duncan. The New York City Ballet star Sara Mearns will take up the mantle of the great pioneer of the modern dance and reintrepret her work under the choreographic direction of Lori Bellilove, The Isadora Duncan Dance Company Artistic Director.

Playwright Sarah Ruhl writes a paean to her mother who was a Peter Pan interpreter in their local theater with For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday at Playwrights Horizons under Les Waters direction through October 1st. Kathleen Chalifant stars.

This is a short list. Many explications of Shakespeare begin with his work and carry forward in awe. Filmography is chock-a-block full of imitation, the sincerest form of flattery.

To learn more about and for tickets to A Doll’s House, Part 2, please vist their website.
Find tickets to For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday at PHnyc. Learn more about the upcoming spring season of Paul Taylor American Modern Dance by bookmarking and checking their site.


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