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Degas et al

Creator:Auguste Brouet [Public domain]

There was a time when ballet fans (who probably preferred being called afficianados) thought of ballerinas as novitiates of the stage.

Like Mary Magadalene, mother to the nuns that followed, we see our novice sometimes succumbing to the siren call of the ballet master. His charisma and artistic prowess were irresistible draws, as were his faith in her abilities. He may see himself as a Svengali, but in truth he only teases out her innate talent; his actions do not endow her with her natural gifts.

The dancer and the dance-maker are colleagues, co-equal partners in the dance we are fortunate to witness. Ballerinas have an ethereal quality that makes them shine more brilliantly, if also more distantly. They are our stars, revealing through movement the stories of our lives..

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One from column A

These intriguing press releases cross my in-box (old school: call it my desk). Theater going has become increasingly an aspirational rather than a real thing for me, so I sort through for the most interesting offers to share with you. This one proposes a kick-ass combination of style and content.

The Talmud is the name of the show directed by Jesse Friedman, and taking its cues not just from the Rabbinic text but also from Kung-Fu films. Intrigued?

Here’s what he says:  “The Talmud is a very exciting and important Jewish text, and, is incredibly difficult to understand. I was watching a Kung-Fu movie and thought “this Kung-Fu movie reminds me of the Talmud”.  I started to learn more Talmud and thought “this reminds me of Kung-Fu movies”.  I started to watch and learn more about Chinese Martial cinema, my appreciation for them deepened, and the world of the Talmud, which had previously been opaque to me, started to make sense.” He goes on to say, “The further I went down this rabbit-hole of Chinese martial arts cinema and Talmud, my picture of the world history started to radically change.”

The Talmud was developed through the Target Margin Artist Residence, and the Exponential Theater Festival. It will play at Target Margin for a three week limited run from September 12th through the 28th. Click here for information and tickets.