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On with the show

It is virtually impossible to miss the fact that theater is itching to entertain us. Or rather, to put it more correctly, the folks who normally would be putting on a show, are dying to do just that. And they are inviting us to come watch them perform. Actors act, stage managers stage manage, directors direct, it is only natural that they want us there to witness their efforts.

Samples of these efforts abound: Jane Krakowski leads a Roundabout trivia game on line on August 31st. NYTW is offering Virtual Open Mic night on August 27th. At Lincoln Center AT HOME, events are rebroadcasts of productions past, like an excerpt from The Black Clown which premiered in 2019.

The Guggenheim is inviting us to Summer of Know: Reckoning! co-curated by
For Freedoms on Thursday, August 27 at 2 pm which is livestreamed on Guggenheim’s YouTube channel.

The Seeing Place sent us a press invite for their second show, A Midsummer Night’s Dream viewed through a lens of LGBTQ issues. The event, presented on Zoom on August 29th at 7pm and on August 30th at 3pm– just like “real shows” an evening and a matinee– is part of the 2020 Ripple For Change initiative. The Seeing Place is offering this reading as part of a series of benefit performances. Virtual benefit performances!

And finally, our compilation of all theater gone virtual:


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