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Howdy, Partner

Partnering has developed a new look as the 21st century progresses. Partly, this is a reflection of a more liberal social milieu. Gender fluidity is the term of art for this LGBTQ-era. Same sex marriage, mixed use bathrooms, dorms which house both boys and girls on the same floor are part of our new-age maturity.

Equality has certainly not come full-circle. The workplace and the quotidian are still often off-kilter and exhibit the same kinds of inequities that have been with us forever. We are working on it, much as the dance makers are working on many more diverse ways to partner.

Many choreographers– Justin Peck, Christopher Wheeldon Benjamin Millipied etc.– experiment with male on male lifts, and Jessica Lang has a woman catch and release her male partner at one point in Her Notes.

Roles can be reversed for Mr. Mom and his executive wife. We’ve come to accept that and to expect to see it in our arts and entertainments. The glass ceiling– and other prejudices and biases– will be broken and taken down in tiny steps rather than with crowbars.

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When Love Is Enough: Gary Henderson’s "Skin Tight"

Peter Saide as Tom and Sarah-Jane Casey as Elizabeth in “Skin Tight” by Gary Henderson at 59E59 Theaters.
Photo by Carol Rosegg

“Remember that time…”  “Yes,” she answers.  He protests “You don’t know what I was going to say.” She answers “I don’t have to. I remember everything.”

“Skin Tight,” at 59E59 Theaters in a One Year Lease production through December 1st, is an abstract love story by Gary Henderson, based on “The Magpies,” a poem by New Zealander Denis Glover.

Peter Saide as Tom and Sarah-Jane Casey as Elizabeth in “Skin Tight” by Gary Henderson at 59E59 Theaters. 
Photo by Carol Rosegg

“Skin Tight,” bristles with sensual provocations. It is intense with eroticism, frank language and nudity. Gary Henderson’s  short play is oddly interesting, opening with an fierce and well-choreographed  (by  Natalie Lomonte, former dance captain for Spidermansmackdown between an man and a woman. “Skin  Tight”  is about the enduring love between Tom (Peter Saide) and Elizabeth (Sarah-Jane Casey). 

Sarah-Jane Casey and Peter Saide in “Skin Tight” at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Carol Rosegg
The parade of their lives goes from childhood games to wartime separation, from waiting and wanting to infidelity and loyalty. It is a steamy tale, told with good humor. The fighting is brutally savage and very acrobatic.    “Skin  Tight”  is  both romantic and completely grounded. 
The place names trip lovingly off Tom’s tongue. “Point Pleasant. Fairlie. Little nothing names full of magic,” he says. “Tekapo. Pukaki. And the rivers. The Waitaki. The Rangitata.” Tom and Elizabeth have a lifetime to talk over, yet they are both fit and young, truly a handsome pair. 

Skin Tight” is an ode to reminiscences, shared forthrightly. Peter Saide and Sarah-Jane Casey are a very fetching couple, physically attractive, even imposing. They embue the story of “Skin Tight” with  a natural grace and charm.

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