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From the book to the screen, and onto the stage

Movies and theater are such different meda. Even though they often have much in common, they are two separate worlds.

Cast of “A Time To Kill” in a photo by Carol Rosegg.

One point of intersection is that both employ the skills of actors and directors. Another is that both in film and on the stage, those actors recite words written by scene writers, whether we call them script writers or playwrights.

Finally both at the cinema and in the theater, the audience is invited into a world envisioned for them by the actors and writers, directors, stage managers or cinematographers, costume and set designers. The story or plot can come from a book or the mind of the writer, from headlines (as expressed by the appetizing phrase “ripped from the headlines”), or from everyday life.

Movie-makers and theater-makers transport us outside of ourselves to worlds and places that we imagine together as their stories unfold. Therein lies the magic.

We’re looking forward to seeing how John Grisham’s book, “A Time To Kill,” lately embodied in a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, among others, translates to the stage.

Can’t wait to see “A Time To Kill,” adapted by Rupert Holmes, at The Golden Theater. For more on the production, visit