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The Time’s They Are A-Changin’ or Are They?

There was a time, not so long ago, when being in an interracial relationship was actually dangerous.

Sheldon Best as David at 22 and Auden Thornton as Stace at 22 in “Years of Sky” at 59 E59. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

“Years of Sky,” directed by Christopher Scott at 59E59 Theaters through March 10th, follows the lives of a pair of star-crossed teens.

Amy Hargreaves as Stace at 45 and Gano Grills as David at 45 in “Years of Sky” at 59E59. Photo : Carol Rosegg.

Stace (Auden Thornton) stays true to the dream that she and David (Sheldon Best) can be together in JFK’s more-perfect world. David’s love for her is never completely derailed by other allegiances. By the time they reunite as adults in 1992, David (Gano Grills) is married, and Stace (Amy Hargreaves) is still idealistic.

Barbara Blatner’s bitter-sweet love story plays out over three decades of change and stasis in American society. When they meet again after thirty years, David asks Stace, “In the course a’ your day, ya ever find yourself thinkin’ – ‘I’m white?’

Auden Thornton (Stace at 22)., Tood Davis (Ben) and Sheldon Best  (David at 22).
Photo by Carol Rosegg.

The cleverly executed sets, constructed by The Ken Larson Co. from Rebecca Phillips fine designs, make excellent use of the small space in 59E59’s Theater C.

Among the personable ensemble, Auden Thornton as Stace at 17 and 22, Amy Hargreaves as Stace grown-up and Sheldon Best as the younger David are standouts.  Todd Davis rounds out the cast as David’s dad, Ben.

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