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Alas, "Somewhere Fun" is Anything But

Dark comedy can be full of surprise and delight.

Unfortunately, Jenny Schwartz’s new “Somewhere Fun,” at the Vineyard Theatre through June 23rd, is dark and sometimes comic, but absent of any delight. A metaphor for life and death that’s so lurid and off-putting, “Somewhere Fun” threatens to bore. Its descent into dull darkness has a rapid trajectory over three thirty-five minute acts.

“Somewhere Fun” is full of clichés masquerading as whimsy and whimsy that  passes for deep thought. There is wordplay that amuses until it doesn’t despite the best efforts of the fine troupe of actors and director Anne Kauffman. In fact, “Somewhere Fun” features an excellent cast–including the brilliant and talented Kathleen Chalfant and splendid and versatile Kate Mulgrew. They and the ensemble work tirelessly to make lively sense of “Somewhere Fun” to no avail.

A pinch of fairytale, a sprinkling of Shakespeare, a soupçon  of police procedural, a dash of social commentary, and yet “Somewhere Fun” is just an unsatisfying stew.

For more information about “Somewhere Fun,” visit the Vineyard Theatre.