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A Safe Place…

Tickets to Hamilton may (probably not) be available this holiday season thanks to a non-controversy P-E Trump fracked up from a non-incident at the theater. (As it turns out, Trumpistas did not relinquish their tickets en masse, and the show is sold out in all the cities across America in which it is playing.)

When VP-E Mike Pence attended a performance recently, cast member Brandon Victor Dixon used the curtain call to petition his elected official on behalf of the other half of our country. P-E DJT took offense, and a sort of boycott was born.

For the record, VP-E MP said he was not offended: “And I nudged my kids and reminded them, that’s what freedom sounds like,” Pence said, according to news reports from CNN to the NY Daily News.

The play, which won 11 Tonys last year, has been a hot ticket since it started its Broadway transfer in the summer of 2015.

Hamilton is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s paean to America, in which the Founding Fathers (and some Mothers) are portrayed by a racially diverse cast, and issues of states’ rights and federalism are rapped.

As with everything emanating from this inclusive show, the Hamilton curtain call was a model of restraint.Witness what was said below:


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“It’s the economy, stupid”

"USCurrency Federal Reserve". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
“USCurrency Federal Reserve”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Money Lab, a series of theatrical and audience participatory programs is coming to HERE through April 11, with your tax-break. The ubiquitous “What’s in your wallet?” has nothing on these theatrical performances that range from Letters to Engles, or Money Atheist, and Love und Greed among many others. The companies represented, which include  Trav SD, Lone Wolf Tribe, Ten Directions, Evolve Company, mix theater, story-telling, dance, video, cabaret, opera, puppetry, clowning, and games. Money Lab takes its audiences to the interstices of economics and art.

Audience members will purchase tokens to use in games based such as auctions, The Dictator Game, and The Ultimatum Game, developed with the help of Game Play curator Gyda Arber and economist Rosemarie Nagel; and a number of rotating acts (four each performance) on various fiscal topics. Money Lab’s “economic vaudeville” is a multi-disciplinary experiment to see if economic subjects can be represented in performance.

Come and be the judge of their success! Visit to get tickets. For more information, visit