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"Nobody Loves You" Is Very Lovable

Imagine life as one big dating competition in which losers and winners are chosen by popular vote.

Rory O’Malley as Dominic, Bryan Frankart as Jeff, Autumn Hurlbert as Samantha, Roe Hartrapf as Christian, Lauren Molina as Megan, and Heath Calvert as Byron in the 2nd Stage production of Moses and Alter’s “Nobody Loves You.”
Photo by Joan Marcus.

Itamar Moses’ and Gaby Alter’s “Nobody Loves You,” at Second Stage Theatre through August 11th, is about just such a love-off.

“Nobody Loves You” is an endearing musical which satirizes that pop culture phenomenon in which we make our most private moments, public.

Aleque Reid as Jenny and Rory O’Malley as Evan in “Nobody Loves You” by Itamar Moses and Gaby Alter at 2nd Stage Theatre. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Moses, book and lyrics, and Alter, music and lyrics, have created characters you can care for in their good-clean making-fun-of comedy. Neatly directed by Michelle Tattenbaum with nice choreography by Mandy Moore, “Nobody Loves You,” is well-staged, insightful and funny.

Adorable leads, Jeff (Bryan Fenkart) and Jenny (Aleque Reid) meet when Jeff joins the cast of the show within the show, “Nobody Loves You,” to win back his ex, Tanya (Leslie Kritzer.) Jenny, the assistant to the producer, Nina (Leslie Kritzer again),  is as cynical about the show as Jeff is. MCing the over-the-top competition is the pretty and vapid Byron (Heath Calvert,) whose moves are as smooth as his silky voice.

Heath Calvert as Byron, Leslie Kritzer as Nina, and Bryan Fenkart as Jeff in “Nobody Loves You.” Photo by Joan Marcus.

Kritzer’s Nina is a barracuda who cajoles and threatens cast and staff with equal parts sweetness and guile.
Like Kritzer, who takes on her third role in a cameo as Zenobia the day she is kicked off the program, Rory O’Malley shows his versatility as Chaz/Dominic/and especially Evan. O’Malley, a Tony nominee for “The Book Of Mormon,” is splendid as superfan Evan who tweets during the broadcasts.

And don’t forget to vote for Autumn Hurlbert’s spunky Samantha and  Lauren Molina’s fierce all-in Megan! Theirs are just two more standout performances in a fabulous cast, which also includes the very appealing Roe Hartrampf as the charming Chrisitan.

Bryan Fenkart as Jeff and Heath Calvert as Byron in a scene from “Nobody Loves You.” Photo by Joan Marcus.

What could have  been a cheap shot at the easy target of reality television and its many excesses proves to be a very intelligent musical work. Like Cupid’s arrow, “Nobody Loves You” hits the mark but doesn’t sting.

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