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No escape in "The Model Apartment"


Escape by definiion involves running away.

In Donald Marguiles’ “The Model Apartment,” two Holocaust survivors are fleeing the very present horror in their lives by retiring to

Max (Mark Blum) and Lola (Kathryn Grody) move to their condo ahead of schedule. Since their apartment is not yet ready, they’re given the keys to “The Model Apartment.” 

There end all reasonable expectations of who and why.

In short order, Max and Lola’s daughter, Debby (Diane Davis) follows them from Brooklyn and terrorizes them.

Debby has absorbed all their Holocaust nightmares and memories in her idiot-savant brain.

Kathryn Gordy and Mark Blum in the Primary Stages production
of The Model Apartment © 2013 James Leynse.

Rounding out the cast is Hubert Point-du Jour, with a finessed portrayal of Debby’s dim-witted boyfriend.

Mark Blum’s Max stumbles through pain and denial while Kathryn Grody’s Lola suffers her anguish poignantly.  In a fine small ensemble, Diane Davis stands out as the cruelly mangled Debby.

 Diane Davis and Kathryn Grody in the Primary Stages
of The Model Apartment © 2013 James Leynse.

“The Model Apartment” turns out to be more of an “American Horror Story” than its frothy first act suggests. Lauren Halpern’s nicely detailed set exudes the false luxury that undermines Max and Lola’s journey as well. Under the guiding hand of director Evan Cabnet, the build and reveal in this fine new play are well-delivered.

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