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An Endless Variety of Entertainments

Canal Park Playhouse offers theater off the beaten path. Yes, it is geographically all the way on the far end of Canal over by the Hudson River.

Canal Park Playhouse is also an unusual venue because of its quaint landmarked setting in an 1828 canal house.

Most importantly for theater lovers, though, is the mix of surprising programming to be found at this lovely little theater.

For instance, weekends from April 21st to May 13th, “Drew the Dramatic Fool” (Drew Richardson)

brings his comedic sadsack “bumbling” to the Matinee/Brunch series. On Friday evenings from April 20th to May 11th, Drew gives slapstick a distinct edge in a show called “Help! Help! I Know This Title Is Too Long, But Somebody’s Trying To Kill Me.”

The recently launched “Play readings in the back room” are hosted by playwrights Joe Roland and Emily Devoti. Beginning on June 20th and running through July 15th from Wednesday through Saturday, come hear Frank McGuiness’s “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me.”

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