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Take advantage of the 2-fer


The semi-annual Broadway Week event is coming up, although I sincerely wonder why they shun the “s.” The “week” always runs for 3, and this year it’s from Jan 21 to Feb 11.

It coincides, as it so often does, with another great NYC week, Restuarant Week, which also avoids the plurality. It runs from the 21st of January through February 8th.

The combined weeks allow the intrepid theater-goer to catch a bargain dinner at one of New York’s more expensive establishments and then head to the theater where s/he has scored 2 tickets for the price of one. This is what you call dinner and a show!


For 2019, our friends at NYCgo have added another “week” for which tourists should be especially greatful. It is called MUSTSEE2019 and allows us to get 2-for-1 tickets to New York attractions such as the Brooklyn Botanic Gardnes, the Bronx Zoo, the Houdini Museum or the Empire State Observatory.