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Secrets Haunt in "Unbroken Cirlcle"

Aunt June (Eve Plumb) finally gets to read the will as the family looks on.
Edna (Anika Larsen), Patti (Juli Wesley), Bobby (James Wesley) and Ruby (Suzanna Hay) Photo by Bill Selby.

There is no such thing as a well-kept secret. In fact the secrets the family in “Unbroken Circle,” at St. Luke’s Theatre in an open run every Wednesday, have done a good deal of harm.

Aunt June (Eve Plumb), Cheryl (Lori Hammel), Bobby (James Wesley) and Ruby (Suzanna Hay) sit around the table trying to enjoy a family meal. Photo by Bill Selby.

James Wesley, who also stars as Bobby, has written a darkly comic, poignantly gripping play about a family troubled by their past. “Unbroken Circle” is moving, and unpredictable.

The family gathers after burying Travis, the father and grandfather that none of them, except perhaps Aunt June (Eve Plumb) much misses. In fact, his demise frees his wife Ruby (Suzanna Hay) of many burdens of care. Her daughter, Edna (Anika Larsen) comes back home for the first time since she ran away at sixteen. Bobby (James Wesley), her twin, can unburden himself of a life of failure and misery too.

Husband and wife Cheryl (Lori Hammel), Bobby (James Wesley) confront their daughter, Patti (Juli Wesley). Photo by Bill Selby.

Eve Plumb is very fine as the cynically pious June. Suzanna Hay stands out as the tough and  
protective Ruby. James Wesley is brilliant as the defeated Bobby. Lori Hammel is excellent as his wife Cheryl, as is Anika Larsen as the prodigal sister. The youngsters, Stacey Bone-Gleason as Cathy, who has just come of age, and Juli Wesley as the precocious and clever Patti, give memorable performances. In short, the ensemble are superb.

“Unbroken Circle” is an engaging, entertaining and touching drama about a family overcoming their troubled past. The direction by Jason St. Little and the sets by Josh Iacovelli make the most of the small space in which the play is staged. 

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