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via Daily Prompt: Shine with thanks to Ben Huberman, The Daily Post for the inspiration

NoLateSeatingThose who crave the spotlight most often become entertainers. Their talent demands it. It is their calling to shine.

We applaud them, and in so doing bask in the glow of their accomplishment. They are center stage with the footlights on them, but we are illuminated by their performance.

Their light shines on us as they render and interpret and presnet their truths. Greater  performers shine brightest, and we shine brighter too.

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Maurice Hines remembers “Tappin’ Thru Life”

Logo for the musical
Logo for the musical

Tap dance is an American art form–with roots in traditional dances from all over the world. Some of you may have noticed that we are great fans of all dance,  and have a soft spot for what we call the percussive style (à la Riverdance, for instance as in the recent Lords of the Dance.)

Much as we like watching the pyrotechniques of the latter, we have always enjoyed the quieter shuffle and pat of Gregory and Maurice Hines. Gregory Hines is remembered in his brother Maurice’s new musical tribute, along with an array of greats with whom Maurice Hines worked over the years.

Tappin’ Thru Life, at New World Stages through March 13th, written by Maurice Hines introduces two new tapstar brothers, John and Leo Manzari. The musical is directed by  Jeff Calhoun, a nominee for Tony bests in choreography (Grease) and for direction of a musical (Newsies), and a dancer in his own right. The dancing and story are backed by the all female vivacious Diva Jazz Orchestra, led by drummer Sherrie Maricle.

For more information and tickets, please visit