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Paul Taylor Dance Company’s Grand Gala!

The gift that Paul Taylor shares with us is not his longevity –he’s 82, as it happens– but his lifelong creativity!

His latest creation, “Perpetual Dawn,” which enjoyed a world premiere at the Gala on March 5th at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, is a balletic work set in a rustic backdrop. A troupe of eleven dancers, clad as turn of the century peasants under a gorgeous landscape backdrop.The set and costumes are by Santo Loquasto with lighting by James F. Ingalls adding to the blissfully pastoral atmosphere of the piece. “Perpetual Dawn” is excitingly balletic!

“Offenbach Overtures,” Paul Taylor’s 1995 tweak on the composer of the can-can makes for a light-hearted and beautiful romp.  Even for big fans of Moulin Rouge, Toulouse-Lautrec and La Belle Epoque, “Offenbach Overtures,”  is supremely funny.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company’s spring season offers more hi-jinks and high kicks, continuing on through March 24th.

For information and tickets, please visit  Tickets may also be purchased at the David H. Koch box office on the Lincoln Center plaza.