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What To Do?

So much to do, so little time. If this familiar refrain has you wondering how to plan your weekend, here are some suggestions from T&B On The Aisle:

Check out “ONE NIGHT STAND,” opening April 26 and playing through May 2nd at the Quad Cinema, a backstage documentary, chronicling the production of The 24 Hour Musicals in which teams of top-notch musical theater talent have 24 hours to create, cast, rehearse and put on a live benefit show. See Cheyenne Jackson, Richard Kind, Rachel Dratch (among other performers) and directors like Sam Gold, along with writers and composers like Jonathan Marc Sherman and Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

A scene from “ONE NIGHT STAND”

The pressure cooker environment behind the scenes as 4 short musicals come to life was echoed by the crews behind the  camera as they plunged into  a sleepless shoot. Produced by Elisabeth Sperling and Trish Dalton with the assistance of 10 shooters, four production assistants, and three editors, “ONE NIGHT STAND” is a wonder of improvisation and inspiration.

Rachel Dratch and Richard Kind in  a scene from “ONE  NIGHT STAND.”

Visit to learn more about “ONE NIGHT STAND.”

The Wild Project, a production and venue for emerging artists and new theater, film and visual arts, has on-going programming to entertain and enlighten. Catch Kara Manning’s “SLEEPING ROUGH,” through April 27th, for instance in which an American woman spews graffitti of discontent all over London. Next, “ALONDRA WAS HERE” by Chisa Huthcinson, takes the stage, from May 4th to the 18th, with a tale of politics and brutality.

For more information about these and other productions at The Wild Project, visit

You think you can dance goes on parade with the Shakedown Dance Collective, a gang of 55 people of all shapes and sizes, ages and aspirations, under the tutelage of professional dancers Jamie Benson and Deborah Lohse

Deborah Lohse. Photo by Peter Sperling

 The Shakedown consists of weekly 2 hour dance rehearsals that prepare would be dancers for performances throughout New York City.Lohse and Benson have declared Sunday, April 28th “International Dance Day” with a Gala at Dixon Place. On May 18th, join Shakedown for “DANCE PARADE NEW YORK,” from 1pm to 7pm from Broadway to Tompkins Square Park.

This is what a Shakedown class looks like! Photo by Bonny Kahane.

For more infomration about Shakedown Dance Collective, please visit and go to for tickets for the International Dance Day Gala.

“I AM AN OPERA” in a photo by Tim Hailand.

“I AM AN OPERA,” at Dixon Place through April 27th, takes us from a large crowd to a one man show, in which Joseph Keckler, writer/performer, sings arias of lament and exultation. “I AM AN OPERA” details Keckler’s life as a portrait of the artist taunted by demons, tripping on hallucigens, and  suffering through day jobs.

Joseph Keckler in performance. Photo by Gerry Visco.

 To learn more about “I AM AN OPERA,” please visit