When the lights come up

There’s that magical moment: Waiting for the show to start, when the curtain rises and the stage lights come up, revealing a setting for characters to tell their story. I always feel a frisson of excitement in the dark just before this particular dawn.

Even approaching a theater can be very exciting.
Even approaching a theater can be very exciting.

My role as “critic” and commentator is to champion the good that’s intrinsic in theater and performance.

There is an archive of reviews at http://tbontheaisleatheaterdiary.blogspot.com/ and at VevlynsPen:

Find some theater related posts on https://cleanlists.wordpress.com/ as well.

On February 1, 2015 we welcomed a guest reviewer for a brief stint at the T and B On The Aisle:

Mari S. Gold is a freelance writer who contributes to many magazines and websites. She writes on lifestyle, food, travel, health and is a regular contributor to New York Arts, and has a blog, But I Digress… , on travel, food  life experiences.

Our blog posts continue, even without the aid of our intrepid guest reviewer, to this day.

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